Sea-Buckthorn Fondant Filled Easter Egg

Sea-Buckthorn Fondant Filled Easter Egg
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Sea-Buckthorn, honey and vanilla fondant filled milk chocolate Easter egg


Taking inspiration from, and breathing fresh life into “old classics”, We have brought to life our perfect Easter egg.

The fondant for our Easter egg filling takes much of its flavour from local black bees honey and Madagascan vanilla, we use unrefined sugars and a pinch of Cornish sea salt to create a fondant with much more depth and character and less tooth aching sweetness. The result is heavenly on its own, but marries perfectly with foraged wild Cornish sea-buckthorn to create a balance or sour and sweet and lend its wonderful flavour of bitter orange and mango, too often missed to the tart flavour of these berries.

The fondant fills two half eggs made from our 55% Chuno milk chocolate, and is packaged in gold foil in a bespoke Wooden frame.

Note: This is a very limited batch

Contains Dairy

Weight – 140g

Plastic free packaging

All packaging widely recyclable

More about Sea-bucthorn below

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Sea buckthorn has been known for it’s medicinal purposes for 1000’s of years. Rich in vitamin C and Omega 7 its benefits are revered in the world of superfoods.  The berry was legendarily used for Greek race horses, to recover war-torn horses after battle, and to fuel Genghis Khan’s armies as they conquered much of the world.  The marvelous fruit has even been coined “God sent medicine” so its only right to pair this incredible fruit with “Food of the gods”(cacao).

Its flavour is incredibly incredibly tart, but when made palatable you can enjoy its complex sour orange flavour with hints of mango and pine. The berries grow wild along many beaches in Cornwall where when collected, will burst into flowing vivid orange juice which stains our hands for weeks.

The result of the hard work and stains is well worth it, bringing a balance of sour to our sweet honey fondant.


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