Kea Plum 40% White (Limited Edition)

Kea Plum 40% White (Limited Edition)
Kea Plum Sq



Kea Plum 40% White

Disguised like a damson, the Kea plum grows on one small creek on the Fal River in Cornwall – just down the road from us in Falmouth.
Pressing the cocoa butter ourselves means the flavour of the beans and natural sugar balance out the sharp plum taste, developing to a comforting fruity burst. Not to mention the satisfying pink colour from the plums.

This is an extremely limited edition bar with just over 200 made.

Tasting Notes

A sherbert zing of Kea Plum, pairs with creamy white chocolate, ending in a comforting finish of plum crumble.


Cocoa butter, unrefined sugar, milk powder and Kea Plum.

Bean Varietal Amazonian criollo
Bean Origin Ene River valley, Peru
Cocoa 40%
Grind Length 16hrs
Conch Length 12hrs
Ageing 14days

Keeping it local


Taking their name from the Cornish village of Kea on the Fal Estuary, these sharp plums have historically been turned into jam.
The small creeks on the river have only been accessible by road for 60 years. Before that they were picked up by boat from the river – at high tide of course. The plums are traditionally harvested by a series of ‘shakes’, between the end of August and early September. Back in the day this was straight into the boats before they headed up river to Truro to sell the fruit.

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