Make the most of your chocolate

Now we certainly don’t want to make chocolate boring or inaccessible, but we also know what fun it is to sit around a table with your friends comparing different chocolate, or the pride in introducing people to real chocolate. 

We’re so excited about our new collection boxes and we wanted to help you turn them into an experience, for you make a song and dance about opening a bottle of wine, why not chocolate? 

Setting up for your tasting

This video applies to all of the collection boxes, Mike talks you through his tips and suggestions for tasting your chocolate. 

– You’ll need room temperature water for the table; your choice of still or sparkling 

– A way to keep track of which one is which 

You’ll find the specific film for your collection box below, and remember to enjoy it and have fun! 

Craft Collection

Favourites Collection

Origin Explorer Collection

We hope you enjoyed your tasting

Find out more about the origins we work with, and how we source our beans.


Find out more about how we make our chocolate from bean to bar using antique machines. 


Learn about the story behind Chocolarder and what makes us different. 

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