Almond Honey Nougatine 50% Milk – Limited Edition

Almond Honey Nougatine 50% Milk – Limited Edition


Almond Honey Nougatine 50% Milk – Limited Edition

A classic combination. The Chocolarder way with no compromising… or mountains.

As always, our focus is on sourcing our ingredients in the most ethical way. With honeycomb made using Cornish Black Bee Honey, toasted almonds sail-shipped from Spain to Penzance by New Dawn Traders, nougatine made in house using local free-range eggs, and unrefined sugar from a green harvest project in Brazil.

Öko Caribe cocoa beans, from a community of dedicated cacao farmers in the Duarte province of Dominican Republic, bring a nutty array of flavours from the cacao base. With the addition of sweet honeycomb, toasted almonds and nougatine, this bar redesigns classic flavours with truly deep and satisfying results for both the mind and taste buds!

Tasting Notes

Recreating that old favourite, flavours of nostalgia and airports…


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder, toasted almonds, nougat (sugar, toasted almonds, egg white), honeycomb (honey, bicarbonate of soda) . 70g

Bean Varietal Criollo/Trinitario
Bean Origin Öko Caribe, Dominican Republic
Cocoa 50%
Grind Length 18hrs
Conch Length 29hrs
Ageing 30days+



Only the best

Almonds – When Alex from New Dawn Traders popped in with some of the best almonds we had ever tried, and said they were being delivered via sailing boat from Spain, we knew we had to have some. They are made into the nougat which runs through the chocolate, as well as pieces of toasted nut running through the bar.

Honey – As with our popular Cornish Honeycomb bar, we get our honey from Matt who’s Cornish Black Bees make fantastic honey just down the road from us here in Cornwall. Not only is it delicious, Matt uses ethical beekeeping methods to ensure happier bees.

Nougatine – Made in our factory, using the sail shipped almonds and local free range eggs.

Sugar – Grown in Brazil as part of Native’s Green Cane Project, where the sugar cane is cut down green rather than burnt (the traditional method of harvest). By forgoing the burning process they see a lower yield, but the sustainability benefits greatly outweigh any negatives. The project has reintroduced some 30 species back into their 12,500 hectares of farmland, and by harvesting green, they avoid destroying their habitat.

Chocolate – Oko Caribe is a collective of around 165 farmers, each of whom own several hectares of land for farming cacao. These partners are extensively trained by the founders of Oko Caribe, Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez and Gualberto Acebey Torrejon, who spent several decades refining their skills with a passionate and scientific zeal before beginning their own cacao enterprise. They work closely with their farmers, assisting them not only with the technical aspects of cacao cultivation but also by making their resources available to help with microfinance loans and contributions to community projects.

All of the farms are certified organic, with the wet beans being collected from each farm gate to be processed through fermentation and drying, keenly overseen by Adriano and Gualberto. Their obsessive attention to detail results in a bean like few other, consistently surpassing all expectations in quality and aroma.


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