Gola Toasted Oat Milk 60% Easter Egg

Gola Toasted Oat Milk 60% Easter Egg


Gola Toasted Oat Milk 60%

Our Easter Eggs are back after a sell out first year!  Our hand crafted chocolate, presented in plastic free, recyclable packaging that is not only good for the planet but strikingly different. Take the guilt out of Easter Eggs, no plastic and completely slavery free!

Just three ingredients, cocoa beans, unrefined sugar and toasted whole oats. This bar is both dairy and gluten free.

The cacao beans for this chocolate were grown under the canopy of Sierra Leone’s Gola Rainforest National Park. Various charities, including RSPB, have been working with local farmers to grow the cocoa in harmony with the park rather than drive deforestation.

We’ve added toasted whole oats to the cocoa beans and sugar to replicate the creaminess without using dairy.

Tasting Notes

Deep cocoa melting to sweet marzipan and brandy notes with a brownie finish


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and toasted gluten free oats. 70g

Bean Varietal Trinitario
Bean Origin Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone
Cocoa 60%
Grind Length 22hrs
Conch Length 35hrs
Ageing 28days

The Gola Rainforest

The Gola Forest is one of only two national parks in Sierra Leone, referred to as the ‘green diamond of the nation’. A remnant of the Upper Guinean Tropical Rainforest, it is home to over 330 bird species, of which 14 now face global extinction.

The Gola Rainforest project is providing a livelihood and income for farmers around the national park while helping them to protect the rainforest from deforestation. Growing cocoa isn’t an easy task, and harvesting the pods can only be done by hand when grown under the canopy of the rainforest, hence the destruction of nearly all of Ghana’s rainforest when they opted for easy harvesting, leaving devastation.

The project has been supporting farmers to harvest, ferment and dry their cocoa beans to the best quality to yield higher prices from chocolate makers around the world.

The rainforest is home to many endangered species including forest elephants, pygmy hippos and chimpanzees.

The eggs are 210g


Please be aware the Easter Eggs will not fit through a letterbox, if you don’t think you’ll be home then please let us know a safe place for your parcel to be left.


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