Sail Shipped Mocha Truffles – Limited Edition

Sail Shipped Mocha Truffles – Limited Edition


Sail Shipped Mocha Truffles

Early in 2020 both these cocoa beans, and coffee beans were loaded onto their 120ft transport in Santa Marta, amongst mountains of shipping containers. They travelled on De Gallant, a schooner, originally built in 1916. Run by the Blue Schooner Company, she now spends her time shipping cargo around the world via sail.

We’ve wanted to do a Pave-de-Geneve truffle for a little while now, highlighting the sail shipped story it seemed like a no brainer to play around using both the coffee and chocolate.

Sail shipped mocha truffles, made using cocoa beans turned into chocolate in our Falmouth factory, and coffee beans roasted down the road in Argal by Yallah Coffee.

The truffle shell is made using our 67% Arhuaco dark chocolate, these cocoa beans were grown by the Arhuaco, an indigenous people who live in Colombia. With over 50,000 people living in 52 settlements around the Sierra Nevada mountains, their land spans all the way from the snowy peaks to the sea. The Arhuaco believe it is their responsibility to look after the mountains they call their home, and educate others to achieve a balanced relationship with the natural world.

Vegan-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free.

Tasting notes: Toasty coffee tones and fresh fruity chocolate finishing with mellow cocoa

In boxes of 12 truffles.

Made in celebration of the launch of our new Arhuaco chocolate bars using sail shipped cocoa beans. The fourth in our series of limited edition monthly truffles, subscribe to reserve yours monthly.


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