Sea Buckthorn Truffles – Limited Edition

Sea Buckthorn Truffles – Limited Edition


Sea Buckthorn Truffles

These sea buckthorn and sea salt fondant truffles are a bit like a modern teleportation device, taking your taste buds to the Cornish coast!

Seth from Cornish Seaberry Co grows his sea buckthorn berries in his orchard on the north Cornish coast. As featured in Rick Stein’s Cornwall, Seth harvests his the berries by hand, a technique also known as ‘milking’ because they’re very delicate. The berries are then turned into juice which we use as the base for our fondant filling. In the wild, they grow in the dunes along the coast, but Seth’s orchard started with 2000 trees.

The fondant made with sea buckthorn juice and Cornish sea salt and then piped into 72% Ashaninka dark chocolate shells, before being finished in our own cocoa powder.

They are rich, they are fruity and they are a great way to close your eyes and imagine being somewhere other than home.

Tasting notes: Incredible mango and passionfruit flavours with a touch of Cornish sea salt, bringing balance to the sweet and sour combination and elevating the fruit.

In boxes of 12 truffles.

Part of our series of limited edition seasonal truffles, subscribe to reserve yours monthly. These are dairy and gluten free.

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