Sea Buckthorn Truffles – Limited Edition

Sea Buckthorn Truffles – Limited Edition


Sea Buckthorn Truffles

These sea buckthorn, honey and sea salt fondant truffles are the perfect pick me up in these dark times.

Seth from Cornish Seaberries contacted Mike earlier in the year wondering if we could do anything with his waste from pressing the juice. Left after processing are the stunning orange skins and the small black seeds which contain oil. Always up for a challenge we agreed to experiment with splitting the two, the seeds are bitter so ideally we don’t want to put the whole lot into chocolate and to our amazement they split brilliantly! We ground the skins down with our own pressed cocoa butter and sugar to create a bright orange take on white chocolate. The truffles are finished in a coating of this delicious orange concoction.

The fondant made with sea buckthorn juice, honey and Cornish sea salt and then piped into 72% Ashaninka shells, before being finished in a coating of the new sea buckthorn cocoa butter mix.

They are rich, they are fruity and they are a great way to close your eyes and imagine being somewhere other than home.

Tasting notes: Incredible mango and passionfruit flavours with a touch of Cornish sea salt, bringing balance to the sweet and sour combination and elevating the fruit.

In boxes of 12 truffles.

The first in our series of limited edition monthly truffles, subscribe to reserve yours monthly. These contain honey but are dairy and gluten free.

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