Collaborations & Charity Projects


All of our chocolate is packaged plastic-free and the cocoa farmers we source from are paid above fair trade prices for their beans. Using cocoa beans grown by charity projects, we have been able to help some incredible British charities in their endeavour to save rainforests and their inhabitants as well as give back to the farmers who are helping to preserve rainforests in Peru and Sierra Leone. 

RSPB – Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone 

The RSPB first became involved in work in Gola over 20-years ago after identifying the importance and unique value of the site. By engaging with local communities, they have been able to develop sustainable farming practices and improve production, harvesting, post-production techniques and marketing of plantation crops. This includes their cocoa, which we use in our toasted oat milk bar.

Read the full story here.

Cool Earth – Asháninka, Peru 

Rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth has been working with the Asháninka people, who are located in one of the biggest coca-growing areas in Peru, across the Ene Valley, to help them cultivate, ferment and dry their own cacao by using traditional means that minimally impact the environment. They can then sell the cocoa beans to protect their land and secure a long-term future for their families. We use the cocoa’s exquisitely fruity flavour in our 72% dark Asháninka bar.

Read more about the project here.

Selfridges Project Earth 

Selfridges are on a mission to radically change their business with Project Earth. This project is devoted to finding ways to shop more sustainably, and that includes earth-conscious cocoa. Our view on ethical and sustainable chocolate making completely aligns with Selfridges’ Project Earth, and we’re proud that the chocolate we produce for Selfridges Selection can bear the banner ‘Project Earth Forest Friendly’.