Raw cane sugar works best with the flavour of cocoa. It has less of an impact on blood sugar levels, and is easier for the body to digest than fully refined sugars.

The sugar that we use is grown in Brazil as part of Native’s Green Cane Project, where the sugar cane is cut down green rather than burnt (the traditional method of harvest). By forgoing the burning process they see a lower yield, but the sustainability benefits greatly outweigh any negatives. 

The list of animals, insects and birds that this approach has preserved the habitat of, is endless, and certainly not the norm within the sugar industry which is known for the slash and burn approach. 


Cocoa Butter


What you might not know is that the cocoa butter used in most white chocolate is actually the rejected butter from cosmetics. If it’s not good enough for your skin, then why is it good enough to eat?

We press our very own cocoa butter to make the base of our white chocolate. We call it “virgin pressed” because it’s pressed just the once, meaning that it retains lots of flavour.

Local Ingredients

Cornish Honey

Master beekeeper Matt Pitt knows what’s best for his colonies of Cornish black bees. By using a thoughtful approach that focuses on what’s right for the bees and minimises stresses on the colony, Matt is able to keep his fuzzy little compatriots healthy and happy. Though his techniques may reduce the overall honey crop, the bees are stress and chemical free, which produces a much finer honey.  

The incredible product of the bees’ labour is then turned into honeycomb right here in our factory. We add it to our milk chocolate to make one of our most popular summertime bars! 

Wild Gorse Flowers


These glorious yellow flowers grow all around Cornwall and the UK, you might not have been aware of them, but have memories of walking through coconut clouds. That’s the power of these beauties. 


They are a real pain in the fingers to pick, with very prickly spikes. We glove up and forage these wild flowers before infusing them in milk chocolate to capture the delicate coconutty flavour. 



We use organic whole milk powder for our chocolate. There isn’t any made in Cornwall at the moment, but we’re working on it. 



We’ve sourced the very best delicious oats, which are certified gluten free by the coeliac society.