Chocolarder in the Press

Country Living Magazine: 7 page feature in April 2024 edition.

The Guardian/Observer:

‘I had an early test of Chocolarder’s fabulous 50% Dominican Republic Milk with Cornish Seasalt and Rosemary (£6.65, 70g). It’s part of a limited seasonal edition and one of the most exciting launches of the autumn: it’s the sort of thing that will sell out, so don’t hesitate too long. Delicious with a lingering savoury tang of the rosemary. Perfect for autumn.’ – read more 

‘ A new hot choc favourite in my house is Chocolarder’s House Blend 64%. It’s a powder blended from cocoa from two different estates to give just the right mixture of depth and creaminess, in a reusable tin, but the really important bit is that it’s really good hot chocolate.’ – read more

“The chocolate I’ve been returning to these last few days is Chocolarder’s 55% Milk Gingerbread. It reminds me of the warming spices of Christmas and, staying in at the moment, with the world quiet outside, it reminds me of a bizarre yuletide. Except it’s spring. Aptly, it’s a seasonal chocolate, only available twice a year: Christmas and Easter” – read more

” Returning from London, I found waiting for me a parcel containing Chocolarder’s Almond, Honey and Nougatine bar. Made with sail-shipped almonds, Cornish honey and 50% cocoa, it is a take on a triangular treat so beloved of airport travel.

This cheered me very much indeed. Chocolarder has of late been making more dark milks. Let us not even talk of its 65% Kuapa Kokoo, rich with flavours of toffee, which I once ate in two sittings” – read more

“Chocolarder’s Roasted Chestnut is a 40% white chocolate with a definite kick of not only chestnut but also wood smoke. It’s fabulous: bonkers, interesting and probably not like anything you’ve ever tasted before. While you’re there, put a bar of their 72% Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh in your virtual trolley. There were so many things going on in my mouth tasting this – apples, oranges, pine needles. It felt very Willy Wonka. If you haven’t put your tree up already, this is the bar to eat while you do” – read more

Harper Bazar:

“With its unique design and bold, citrussy aroma, this Easter egg offers the perfect balance between bittersweet dark chocolate and tangier orange notes. We loved Chocolarder’s no compromise commitment to eco-conscious packaging, too; it’s 100% plastic free, biodegradable and fully recyclable” – read more


“Its embossed design might be understated, but the rich flavours of Chocolarder’s dark chocolate Easter egg are anything but, with notes of walnut and peated whisky” – read more


“Chocolarder’s Oat Milk Easter egg is brand new for Easter 2020. Ideal for vegans and anyone looking for a dairy alternative, this tasty egg is made from three simple ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar and gluten free oats” – read more


“A chocolate brand that prides itself on its avoidance of shortcuts, preservatives, bulking agents, substitutions and artificial shenanigans, Chocolarder’s 2020 Easter egg output is as guilt-free as it gets” – read more


“Coming in a serisouly protective caarboard hexagon design – which we’re seeing more and more of – this egg shows how there’s absolutely no need for plastic to protect anything. It’s easy to remove and keep in tact to reuse too. This egg has the most unusual ingredient in our list:  yellow gorse flower picked from hedgerows in Cornwall, which gives a lightly toasted coconutty flavour to the to 50 per cent milk chocolate. It’s delicate, delicious and innovative in packaging design as well as flavour” – read more

Evening Standard:

“Tastes as creamy as you would expect a milk chocolate variety to taste while being dairy-free” – read more

Delicious Magazine:

“Tastes great – but it’s even better knowing the Falmouth-based bean-to-bar maker pays cocoa farmers fairly and uses plastic-free packaging” – read more


“Drawing on the fresh natural ingredients at their doorstep to create limited edition seasonal flavours (as well as classic single origin bars), Chocolarder’s great strength and unique selling point is the clever way they play with interesting ingredients and flavour combinations” – read more

BBC Good Food:

“In an industry that can sometimes be problematic, we love the principles behind Chocolarder’s chocolate-making” – read more

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