Pure 100% Dark

Pure 100% Dark
100% Pure



Pure 100% Dark


The heirloom cacao cultivated by the Asháninka people is the perfect bean for showcasing in it’s purest form. Nothing else is added, leaving only natural flavours and sweetness that are coaxed and developed through the careful crafting of the chocolate maker. The holy grail for chocolate purists.

Bean Varietal Amazonian criollo
Bean Origin Ene River valley, Peru
Cocoa 100%
Grind Length 26hrs
Conch Length 42hrs
Ageing 32days

Tasting Notes

Brazil nuts, grapefruit, banana leaf


  1. :

    Absolutely delicious dark fruity notes with slight bitter/sharpness that dissolves into a creamy delicious treat. Best Ever for people that love real chocolate and not confectionary.

  2. :

    Delighted to discover this wonderful dark chocolate! No sugar or vanilla, yet natuarally sweet pure cocoa which melts in the mouth & is full of flavour. This is by far the best 100% chocolate! Congratulations on developing the manufacturing process which produces this exceptional chocolate!

  3. :

    I have just discovered this chocolate and I must say it is exceptional.

  4. :

    By far the best 100% Chocolate I have tasted, needless to say quite a few bars were purchased at Tebay services when I was driving up to Scotland this Summer and have made their way over to my home in Hong Kong!
    Now to find out how I can get more over here…😄

  5. :

    I just love this chocolate, so natural and pure, just perfect for me as I don’t eat products containing sugar. The chocolate taste lingers in your mouth even after you have finished eating it. I love it!

  6. (verified owner):

    Deep and full flavoured yet not bitter at all. As ‘Keto’ followers we love the taste of this 100% Dark Chocolate and adore the fact that it has such a low carb count – Thank-you for making our lives happier!

  7. :

    Best 100% chocolate ever 😍

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