Öko Caribe 60% Browned-Butter Milk

Öko Caribe 60% Browned-Butter Milk


Öko Caribe 60% Browned-Butter Milk

For more than 50 years Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez and Gualberto Acebey Torrejon have generously shared their expertise to build a community dedicated cacao farmers in the Duarte province, Dominican Republic.

The care taken to nurture the quality of their cacao shines through in the stunning mellow tones that work beautifully left to stand alone and when combined with other ingredients. A lovely bean from lovely people.

Tasting Notes

A very nutty aray of flavours from the cacao and browned butter base. A slow build to interesting flavours of vanilla ice cream and honey over light white fruit flavours.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and browned milk powder. 70g

Bean Varietal Criollo/Trinitario
Bean Origin
Cocoa 60%
Grind Length 18hrs
Conch Length 29hrs
Ageing 30days

Cacao for the future

Oko Caribe is a collective of around 165 farmers, each of whom own several hectares of land for farming cacao. These partners are extensively trained by the founders of Oko Caribe, Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez and Gualberto Acebey Torrejon, who spent several decades refining their skills with a passionate and scientific zeal before beginning their own cacao enterprise. They work closely with their farmers, assisting them not only with the technical aspects of cacao cultivation but also by making their resources available to help with microfinance loans and contributions to community projects.

All of the farms are certified organic, with the wet beans being collected from each farm gate to be processed through fermentation and drying, keenly overseen by Adriano and Gualberto. Their obsessive attention to detail results in a bean like few other, consistently surpassing all expectations in quality and aroma.


  1. Annie Scotney

    YUMMY…. no….really….. seriously yummy

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