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A chocolate bar with zero carbon footprint.

We’re pretty excited about this one. We have sail shipped cocoa beans before of course, but these are no normal beans, and not normal days.

4th May 2020, the day Gallant Ship sailed into Falmouth harbour, ready to unload 3,300 kg of cocoa beans, coffee and panela. Making the 7,500 nautical mile journey back to Cornwall from Colombia by sail, and while there was a global pandemic locking down travelling around the world. Certainly, people are not just thinking more about their travel impact, but also where their food comes from.

Had this journey been made on a standard container ship it would have created 1966.13 kgCO2 or 177,982.35 kgCO2 if sent by plane. 

Now as we mentioned above, these are no normal beans. They come from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, grown by the Arhuaco people. The indigenous tribe believe in balance, growing their cocoa in harmony with the land. There are so many farmers growing cocoa around the world, we’re always keen to support the ones who are going above and beyond for the planet. Being able to know the care that has been taken in growing, harvesting and the processing these beans makes it even more important to pop them on a sailing boat and bring them by water less then a mile from our factory.

The Arhuaco 67% Dark and Arhuaco 50% Milk chocolate bars are now available online, as are limited edition mocha truffles.

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  • Mark Burrows

    That is awesome. I’m proud of your company!

    July 7, 2020 at 7:54 pm
  • Niki Adamson

    I’m fascinated by this (relatively old) news. I do hope the lockdown hasn’t completely ruined your plans and will follow your blog to find out progress. Your chocolate is delicious so this batch should be excellent! Good luck and please keep making delicious chocolate bars.

    August 15, 2020 at 6:07 am

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