Kuapa Kokoo 65% Milk

Kuapa Kokoo 65% Milk


Kuapa Kokoo 65% Milk

This is no ordinary milk chocolate! These beans from Kuapa Kokoo have been roasted to a mellow flavour of toffee and sweet honey. Balancing this rich and creamy flavour brought us up to the highest cocoa milk chocolate we have made, and we can’t get enough. We often find ourselves helping milk chocolate fans into the world of great dark chocolate, with this bar, we are doing the opposite! Welcome to what milk chocolate can be.

We launched this bar as a limited edition in 2020 and due to it’s popularity it’s back!

Tasting Notes

Flavours of brownie and cinder toffee with a vanilla finish 


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and whole milk powder. 70g

Bean Varietal Trinitario
Bean Origin
Cocoa 65%
Grind Length 18hrs
Conch Length 22hrs
Ageing 24 days

Good Cocoa Farmer 

Kuapa Kokoo, which means ‘good cocoa farmer’ in Twi the language spoken in central Ghana, was set up in 1993 by a group of cocoa farmers who recognised that by organising likeminded farmers together, they could improve cocoa quality and export it to a premium market. The aim has always been to help farmers out of desperate poverty and allow them to better their future through access to things we consumers of chocolate take for granted such as healthcare, clean drinking water and dependable electricity.

Nearly 2 decades later and Kuapa Kokoo goes from strength to strength supporting member farmers with everything from access to healthcare, to establishing credit unions, they are a beacon in a difficult place to find real progress.

These beans represent something other than just flavour, this is real change to better the hardest workers at the bottom of the pile. And we have packed as much of that cocoa as we legally could into this heavy weight milk chocolate. (literally)


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