Seasonal Box – Monthly to your door

Seasonal Box – Monthly to your door

£25.00 / month

Seasonal Box – Monthly to your door

A subscription like no other! Each month you’ll get a box of fresh seasonal truffles where every element has been made from scratch, giving us all the freedom we need to push the chocolatey boundaries. Your box is accompanied by 2 bars of our bean to bar chocolate, usually selected from our standard range but will include our limited edition bars when they are available. Some of these are born from the ingredients in our truffles, some have been in development for a long long time, and some are from our micro-batches we are experimenting with, like the bars you receive will change every month and will complement the truffles.

“Working with local producers, and their fresh seasonal produce is what inspired me as a chef, and it still excites me whenever I get the chance to experiment. These chocolate boxes are the result of years as a pastry chef free to play and explore and push the boundaries of how honest ingredients can be given a different form.” Mike

There is something so special about being able to take the freshest of ingredients, and capturing them in chocolate so they can be shared around the country. We’re all a little more housebound these days, so this is a simple way for you to join us here in Cornwall, and when its safe to do so, you can explore these flavours with us. We’ll collaborate with local growers and producers and get to tell their stories along with the boxes. We’ll forage the countryside we’ll continue to challenge Mike each month to come up with a new delicious combination of our chocolate and these incredible ingredients we have on our doorstep.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for each months delivery, with different truffles and stories each time.

September Box – Blackberry Truffles

*Please note that the Blackberry Truffles are now sold out, any new subscriptions taken out in September will be sent a box of Strawberry and Elderflower truffles in their box*

It contains our Toasted Cinnamon 74% and Kuapa Kokoo 65% Milk Chocolate bars, and a box of Blackberry Truffles.

The season is here; blackberries growing here, there and everywhere, ready for eager foragers and ripe for the picking. They’re the perfect walking snack when you’re out and about and forgot to bring a bite to eat, or maybe you didn’t mean to take such a long walk that day… We’ve all been there.

These berries have been stripped of their seeds and cooked into a delicious fruity base for our September truffles.

We’ve made blackberry curd (without dairy) and used it to fill our Asháninka 72% dark chocolate shells, creating a comforting blackberry truffle.

These truffles are vegan friendly.



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